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Express Asset Finance provides flexible funding options including Hire Purchase, Leasing and Refinancing, enabling you to purchase assets to help grow your business.

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Express Asset Finance helps businesses to purchase or lease items such as machinery, cars, HGV’s and any equipment that your business needs to function and grow.

Every business has its own story and we at Express Asset Finance are here to help you, no matter what your circumstances are. We offer Construction Equipment Finance, Engineering Equipment Finance, Healthcare Equipment Finance, Manufacturing Equipment Finance and Technology Equipment Finance to name a few sectors that we help.

We can help when cashflow is tight and you may want to raise money against machinery or equipment that you already own. This means that you can use an existing asset to raise money for a new item that you need. We can sit down and discuss your reasons for wanting to buy new or used assets or alternatively it may pay you to lease them instead. We deal with a wide variety of clients ranging from sole traders up to large PLC’s and companies which are household names. 

Hire Purchase is the most popular way to finance purchasing an asset. Hire Purchase or as it is often referred to “HP” is a fixed method of financing an asset.

Hire Purchase Explained

A finance lease allows the lessee to hire an asset for a fixed monthly fee, but it also transfers substantially all of the risks and rewards of ownership of the asset to the lessee.


Sale and HP Back is where a company owns an asset which has a value. A problem arises when a company needs to raise capital to refinance but cannot afford to sell the equipment because the piece of equipment helps to earn the company an income.

Sale and Hire Purchase Back Explained

Need to finance new business equipment or machinery?

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Need to raise money for your business?..

Asset refinance is the name of raising cash which you may need to run your business or using an item you have already paid for as collateral or security for the finance company to lend the money against. If you do not pay as agreed you are at risk of having the item repossessed and sold on by the finance company allowing them to recover some or all of the outstanding monies owing to them.

How do I apply for asset refinance?..

That’s easy. Just fill in your information and depending on your circumstances we will propose your case to the most appropriate funder who is most likely to accept you application on the best terms possible.

Van Leasing

Van leasing and Commercial Vehicle leasing, we can help...

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This depends on your current financial situation. Businesses will normally experience ups and downs. If your company is expanding and wants to fund its growth by borrowing then we can help.

If however, you are finding trading conditions a challenge it doesn’t mean that we can’t help you. In fact we have helped many companies move forward through the tough times and enjoy sharing the journey when things improve and companies start to thrive again.

Express Asset Finance is here to work with you in partnership as your funder of choice for the future.

This depends on the type of asset. There are two types of asset; hard assets and soft assets.

Hard assets are items that retain their value after you have bought them. Because they keep their value you could sell them on to raise cash when it’s needed.

Soft Assets are assets that once you have taken them of the box so to speak, there isn’t any tangible value to another user. That’s the general idea.

If you want to lease an asset then there are different types of leases that can be used depending on what you want to achieve. These include; operating lease, finance lease and contract hire just to name a few. 

Whereas if you want the option to buy and own the item or equipment you may use; Hire purchase, lease purchase, contract purchase etc. 

Plant Machinery Finance

Express Asset Finance offers a range of flexible funding options including Hire Purchase, Leasing and Refinancing, helping you to swiftly purchase assets and grow your business.

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