Asset Finance for your Beauty Business 

There are many faces of the beauty business and Express Asset Finance is here to help you to raise finance to implement your growth plans or support you if you need to consolidate your business. It’s not uncommon to experience changing market conditions which will lead to the expansion or contraction of your business depending on how things affect you. 

Business rarely goes upwards in a straight line and it often involves challenges that you will have to overcome. At times like these it’s always good to have a partner on side to help you and we like to think that you can rely on Express Asset Finance to give you that much needed support.  

Express Asset Finance can help with your business finance no matter what your circumstances look like. If you are looking to start a beauty salon and it needs equipment or you need a shop refit for a retail outlet then please feel free to contact us. Equipping a beauty or hair salon can be a heavy investment but of course without it your business cannot function. The same goes for financing a nail salon. Without the right structured finance to fund manicure & pedicure chairs it can be the difference between the success or failure of your venture. 

Leasing the equipment can be a way to keep the costs to a minimum as you are not paying out the full capital cost of the equipment all at once. If you’d like to know more, then please contact us and we can talk you through your options. Alternatively you may need machinery for manufacturing beauty equipment, then of course we are here to help you finance your new machinery. 

Maybe you have the opportunity to source some second hand machinery which we can always help to provide the finance for. Raising money against existing equipment that is fully paid for can give you a useful way to fund expansion. This helps by making your assets work for you and your business, rather than leaving the value untouched sitting idly. 

So there may be hidden value that can be leveraged to raise capital in your existing business that you may not have even considered up until now. Whatever your circumstances or your business aspirations, please contact us and we will help by discussing the best available finance options to help take your business forward. 

Need to finance new beauty or salon equipment?

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