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Operating and running an engineering-based business requires not only specific industry knowledge but the equipment required to perform a range of specialist tasks. At Express Asset Finance, we have over 20 years of experience of sourcing and providing great deals on engineering equipment leasing for our clients.

Engineering finance from Express Asset Finance, the UK’s asset finance specialists

If you are looking for heavy equipment financing for a specific project or are updating your inventory and need engineering equipment finance for a variety of machinery we will be able to help. Our independent and expert team are available to discuss your business needs and provide the best engineering equipment finance options available to suit your business requirements.

Engineering Equipment leasing from Express Asset Finance

The specialist machinery required to successfully complete engineering projects is wide-ranging. Often these items can come at high upfront costs that can affect already tight margins. As an asset finance specialist however, we can provide a range of engineering equipment options to give your business and project the flexibility it needs to succeed.

We have worked with a number of clients within a range of engineering disciplines from mining and excavation to large-scale construction projects. We understand that the equipment used within engineering projects is vital to their success and understand that delays in project timelines can be costly. It is therefore imperative that engineering equipment leasing is secure and quick. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we are able to provide that expert knowledge that is needed. Our independence means that we are not tied to any one specific provider too so can secure competitive rates on heavy equipment leasing across the engineering sector.

Asset finance for the Engineering Industry

Our asset finance team know and understand the unique requirements that engineering equipment finance demands meaning your business and your project are our priority.

So call today to speak to one of our dedicated advisors to discuss your engineering equipment leasing needs.

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