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The manufacturing industry in the UK covers a range of different sectors. However, from paper mills to bottling plants, packaging to waste management facilities there is often a need to secure manufacturing equipment financing for the large and expensive machinery required to run manufacturing processes.

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Whether you are a small and independent business or a larger firm, manufacturing equipment leasing can be a vital way to maintain your business cash flow and reduce initial overheads. This can help UK businesses keep costs down and ensure they remain competitive when compared with international producers.

As we have over 20 years of experience in providing manufacturing equipment financing to a number of UK businesses we have the expert financial know-how that the sector needs. Our independent advisors are on hand to help your manufacturing business with asset financing.

Exploring manufacturing equipment leasing options

There many different kinds of of manufacturing business, each with specific needs and requirements depending on their sector and size. A small print shop will have different needs compared with a larger plant or factory. No matter your business requirements however, large or small, we have the expert knowledge that is needed to secure good deals on manufacturing equipment leasing.

Asset finance for manufacturers needn’t be difficult and we appreciate that many manufacturers will use their equipment for long periods of time. Both new operations and existing manufacturing businesses looking to upgrade their machinery can benefit from manufacturing equipment financing from Express Asset Finance.

Meeting the finance demands of UK-based manufacturing companies

All of our experts are well-trained with a wealth of knowledge of the UK manufacturing sector. We know that each business is different however, which is why we discuss your manufacturing asset finance needs in order to find the best finance solutions for you.

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