Renewable Energy Equipment Financing

Renewable Energy Asset Financing

Renewable energy is a fast-growing UK industry with wind and solar energy leading the way. Renewable energy now accounts for over one third of the energy created in the UK and this figure is rising. Investment in infrastructure and the diversity of sources including bio-fuels, hydro-electric power and others mean it is a robust and vibrant sector.

Renewable Energy equipment leasing from the asset finance experts at Express Asset Finance

The technology involved in producing green energy is still expensive however and renewable energy equipment finance is often a good choice for businesses moving into the sector, expanding their operations into green energy or updating older equipment.

As we have been asset finance experts for over 20 years, we have witnessed the growth of the green energy market in the UK and are able to source wind and solar equipment leasing as well as finance for other renewable energy equipment at great rates.

Our independence means that we can manage the unique renewable energy equipment leasing requirements of a range of different industries and offer a tailored service to your business.

Solar and wind equipment leasing

Wind and solar power are popular in the UK as sources of green energy. While the cost of both wind and solar power have come down the equipment is still relatively costly, even at scale. Therefore choosing the right wind equipment leasing or solar equipment leasing options for your business is a must for stable business growth.

We discuss each renewable energy leasing option with our clients on its own merits so you are able to choose the right asset finance deal for you.

We understand the renewable sector well and so can source advantageous renewable energy equipment leasing packages for both large and small businesses.

Exploring the right renewable energy equipment leasing deal for you

Give us a call today and speak to one of our renewable energy asset finance experts who will discuss your individual business needs. We are happy to support green energy companies in the UK as this exciting industry grows.

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