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Retail and Shop Fitting Asset Financing

The UK retail industry is vital to the economy with a vast array of retail stores for consumers to choose from. A combination of recession and online competition has hit the UK retail industry and yet it is one which keeps adapting and expanding.

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To better manage cash-flow and avoid heavy up-front costs of purchasing equipment, retail equipment financing is a good choice for UK retailers when opening up new locations or updating existing ones.

Shop fitting finance from Express Asset Finance is straightforward and our experts source a range of retail equipment leasing options from UK providers to give you great asset finance options for your specific needs.

Exploring retail equipment financing options

Consumer trends are ever changing and it has never been a more vital time to provide consumers with a positive retail experience in order to maximise sales. From racking and store outfitting to immersive displays and permanent fixtures, it can be costly to maintaining a quality retail presence for consumers.

This is as true for a local store as it is for a larger chain. Retail equipment and shop fitting finance can be a good way for businesses to expand their operations and revamp their retail establishments while avoiding high equipment costs. This can free up important cash to be used in other areas of the business enabling retail businesses the liquidity they need in difficult times.

EPOS system leasing is also a popular choice for retailers who wish to modernise their payment systems without incurring up-front equipment costs.

Retail asset finance experts

At Express Asset Finance, our independent asset finance experts are on hand to discuss your retail equipment leasing needs. We have the expertise and the experience of the UK retail sector and know that every retailer has different requirements. So give us a call to discuss how we can help with your retail equipment finance needs today.

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