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Vehicles function as a key component to a variety of businesses in the UK. From taxi firms to logistics operations, small local businesses and larger enterprises transportation equipment can be vital to the smooth running of a business.

Express Asset Finance – Providing asset finance for transportation equipment for over 20 years

However, whether you need a fleet of trucks or a small delivery scooter, transportation equipment can be expensive. The upfront cost of vehicles is often prohibitive to businesses, large and small making it difficult to grow and expand. Transportation equipment leasing can help alleviate these issues allowing businesses large and small to thrive.

At Express Asset Finance, we have been providing asset finance for a range of business sectors in the UK for over 20 years. We understand the importance of transportation equipment leasing for businesses and use our expertise and experience to broker great deals on vehicles for our clients.

Transportation equipment finance for all business types

Growing and maintaining a business can be tough, no matter the market or economic conditions. Transportation equipment from busses to trucks to vans to specialised vehicles are needed for a range of different businesses. Transportation equipment leasing then can be an ideal option to choose in order to access the right vehicles for your business needs. If you are maintaining a fleet, for instance, and require newer vehicles, it is often cost-effective to source vehicle asset finance rather than purchase new equipment every few years. Smaller businesses with one or two vehicles can also benefit from transportation equipment financing in this manner.

If deliveries and transportation are not a major part of your business, yet still a vital one such as for irregular deliveries or specialised events, transportation equipment leasing can help to manage the cost of a vehicle. This allows businesses to remain cash flow positive and avoid the large cost of a vehicle which could otherwise be used elsewhere in your operation.

Specialised asset finance for transportation equipment

No matter your business sector or company size our independent asset finance experts can help to broker great deals on transportation equipment leasing. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business.

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